The latest videos from the studio and around the world.
Spotlight on "The Tot"
The City of Newport Beach, Sculpture Garden, 2020

A video shot by the City of Newport Beach, California, providing a grand view of their beautiful sculpture park and featuring The Tot. Regarding the steampunk reference, that wasn't my intent, but I can see that and I am always excited to hear what others personally see and feel.

The Tot was born as I emerged from deafness. A big brother to my 2005 Queen of the Sea with some nods to Koons, KAWS, Hirst and of course -- my childhood Disneyland.

Zen and the Art of Sculpture Mechanics
A montage video of my sculpting and behind the scenes footage of the process and people and tools.
Monuments, Donuts, Babies and Balloons: An Unexpected Journey from Engineer to Sculptor to Who Knows…
The video of the actual talk was lost, but here are the slides with voice over (excuse the coughing!) of my 2017 National Sculpture Society Presentation at Sparks Gallery, San Diego, CA
Over 20 years of sculpting, twists, turns and influences.
Creation of busts of Ron Howard, Vivian Vance, Mary Tyler Moore, the POW Monument, The Tots, Homer Simpson bust for Fox, Stewie Griffin sculpture for Seth McFarlane, etc.
Tots, Buoyant and More for Art San Diego 2016
Behind the scenes look at the making of "The Tot" and Buoyant.
Teaser for San Diego Museum of Art Event "Evening with Artist Richard Becker" at the Float Show
Clips of artworks used in Float show at Sparks Gallery San Diego, California.
Including Tots, LED Cloud sculpture, Cloud Paintings and my favorite works of POP.
General Robert L. Cardenas Clay Bust Sculpture
for family and client review
Mary Tyler Moore Bronze Bust
Mary Tyler Moore, Emmys Hall of Fame and SAG Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Sculptor Richard Becker. Bust installed in Hollywood and Disney Studios, Florida.
Ron Howard Bust clay sculpture progress for Emmys
Clay sculpture of Ron Howard for the Emmys Hall of Fame.
For committee preview.
Shot with and without hat for the best look at his face.
Ron Howard Emmys Maquette
Video of maquette sculpture for Ron Howard's Emmy bust
Homer Simpson Bust video produced by FOX
Here is a video produced by Fox for the run up to the 500th episode. It features Matt Groening (who discusses the donut-biting request :) ), Jim Brook and Al Jean. Some shots of Richard Becker sculpting and taking Homer through the bronze processes.
Homer Simpson Video Home Movie
This is a fun video we made. Of the making of the Homer Simpson bust.

“Genius” – Matt Groening

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