Bust of Mary Tyler Moore

Commissioned by the Television Academy Hall of Fame
Bronze bust of Mary Tyler Moore commissioned by the Emmys

Bust of Mary Tyler Moore

Hall of Fame Sculpture Garden
Television Academy Headquarters
North Hollywoood, California

Slightly over life-size
©ATAS used with permission

Bronze bust of Mary Tyler Moore, commissioned by the Television Academy (Emmys) Hall of Fame courtyard in Hollywood, California, created by San Diego sculptor Richard Becker.

Mary Tyler Moore, an emblem of strength, talent, and grace, forever remains a cherished figure in the world of television. Through her groundbreaking roles and remarkable contributions as an actress and producer, Moore revolutionized the portrayal of women in the industry.

From her iconic portrayal of the independent and spirited Mary Richards in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to her poignant performances in films like "Ordinary People," Moore showcased her versatility and ability to captivate audiences with her remarkable talent.

As the epitome of a trailblazer, Mary Tyler Moore shattered stereotypes and paved the way for future generations of female actors and producers. With her comedic timing, natural charm, and genuine warmth, she became an inspiration to millions, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape.

This bronze bust captures the essence of Mary Tyler Moore, reflecting her radiant smile, inner strength, and unwavering determination. It stands as a tribute to her enduring legacy, highlighting her influential role in reshaping the representation of women on television and her exceptional contributions to the art of storytelling.

Crafted with care and artistry through the lost wax process, this bronze statue finds its place of honor within the Academy of Television (Emmys) Hall of Fame courtyard. It stands as a testament to Mary Tyler Moore's timeless impact and serves as an inspiration for future generations of performers, reminding them of the power of authenticity, resilience, and the ability to touch hearts through the screen.
Bronze busts of Mary Tyler Moore Walt Disney and Carl Reiner at Emmys Garden
Mary Tyler Moore's bronze bust by Richard Becker at the Emmys Hall of Fame Garden in Hollywood. Alongside busts of Carl Reiner and Walt Disney.
Mary Tyler Moore clay bust in progress with reference photos and artist Richard Becker
Richard in studio sculpting Mary Tyler Moore's portrait bust. Mary, whose carrer spanned decades, was depicted in her Laura Petrie years, from the TV series The Dick Van Dyke Show. © A.T.A.S. Used with permission.
Headshots of Mary Tyler Moore arranged for sculpting her bust
Reference headshots of Mary that Richard used while sculpting her bust.