Bust of Katie Couric

Commissioned by the Television Academy Hall of Fame
Katie Couric clay in progress for  bronze Bust for Television Academy


Hall of Fame Sculpture Garden
Television Academy Headquarters
North Hollywoood, California

Slightly over life-size
©ATAS used with permission

Bronze bust of Katie Couric, commissioned by the Television Academy (Emmys) Hall of Fame courtyard in Hollywood, California, created by San Diego sculptor Richard Becker.

Katie Couric is an esteemed journalist, television host, author, and humanitarian, whose remarkable career has left an indelible mark on the media landscape. From her influential role as the co-anchor of "Today" to her groundbreaking work as a news anchor for "CBS Evening News," Couric has been a trusted voice in delivering news and information to millions of viewers.

Beyond her exceptional journalistic achievements, Katie Couric has dedicated herself to raising awareness and advocating for important causes. She has been a tireless advocate for colon cancer awareness, leveraging her platform to share her personal experience and encourage early detection through her landmark on-air colonoscopy. Additionally, she has been a prominent advocate for breast cancer research and awareness, shedding light on the disease and empowering women to take charge of their health.

As the founder of Katie Couric Media, Couric continues to make a significant impact in the media industry. Through her media company, she produces thought-provoking documentaries, engaging podcasts, and informative digital content, addressing a wide range of topics and amplifying diverse voices. Her commitment to creating meaningful and impactful media has garnered critical acclaim and expanded the boundaries of storytelling.

Crafted with precision and artistry, this bronze statue commemorates not only Katie Couric's multifaceted contributions as a television journalist, but as a humanitarian, and media trailblazer. It strives captures her intelligence, warmth, and unwavering dedication to informing and inspiring audiences.

Created through the lost wax process, this bronze bust stands as a testament to Katie Couric's enduring legacy and her unwavering commitment to using her platform for positive change. It symbolizes her remarkable achievements, journalistic integrity, and the profound impact she has made in raising awareness and advocating for important causes.

As it finds its place of honor among the esteemed collection within the Academy of Television (Emmys) Hall of Fame courtyard, this bronze bust celebrates Katie Couric as a visionary in the media industry. It serves as a reminder of the power of media to inform, educate, and empower, and inspires future generations of journalists and storytellers.