Bust of Joan Rivers

Commissioned by the Television Academy Hall of Fame
Joam Rivers clay for bronze Bust for Television Academy


Hall of Fame Sculpture Garden
Television Academy Headquarters
North Hollywoood, California

Slightly over life-size
©ATAS used with permission

Bronze bust of Joan Rivers, commissioned by the Television Academy (Emmys) Hall of Fame courtyard in Hollywood, California, created by San Diego sculptor Richard Becker.

Joan Rivers was an iconic figure in the entertainment industry, known for her sharp wit, fearless comedy, and groundbreaking contributions as a comedian, actress, and television personality. From her early days as a stand-up comedian to her groundbreaking work as the first female late-night talk show host, Rivers shattered glass ceilings and paved the way for generations of female comedians.

With her signature style and unapologetic humor, Joan Rivers entertained audiences across the globe. Her groundbreaking talk show, "The Joan Rivers Show," and her later success on "Fashion Police" alongside her daughter Melissa, showcased her unique ability to captivate viewers and fearlessly express her opinions. Rivers' comedic genius and trailblazing spirit made her an enduring legend in the entertainment industry.

This bronze statue captures the essence of Joan Rivers' iconic persona in both her quiet moments and her lively stage presence. It reflects her distinctive style, razor-sharp wit, and magnetic charisma that made her a beloved figure in the world of comedy.
Through the intricate lost wax process, this bronze bust stands as a timeless tribute to Joan Rivers' enduring legacy. It symbolizes her impact as a cultural icon, breaking barriers and challenging norms through her fearless comedy and groundbreaking achievements.

As it proudly takes its place among the distinguished collection within the Academy of Television (Emmys) Hall of Fame courtyard, this bronze bust honors Joan Rivers' immense influence and celebrates her as a true pioneer in the entertainment industry. It serves as a reminder of her remarkable contributions to comedy, her enduring legacy, and her lasting impact on the art of storytelling.