Mother Teresa and the 14th Street Children

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Mother Teresa and the 14th Street Children
Saint Teresa of Calcutta Villa, City of San Diego, California


A commission for Father Joe's Villages and the City of San Diego, the sculpture of Saint Teresa welcomes residents and guests to California's largest transitional housing project. Teresa is the focal point of an indoor/outdoor sculpture grouping which includes four children playing outside.

Mother Teresa is depicted in a divine moment while “Hope” – one of four bronze children playing hide-and-seek on the promenade garden – points curiously to her and the center.

The children serve as a reminder of homelessness’ impact on families. Their playful poses represent see-no-evil (“Faith”), hear-no-evil (“Peace”) and speak-no-evil (“Grace”) as too many of us want to ignore their plight or are at a complete loss of how to help.

Architect, designer Joowan Lee

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(digital maquette render)