Bust of Homer Simpson

20th Century Fox Studios

Homer Simpson Bronze bust with donut Richard becker fox


20th Century Fox Studios
Los Angeles, California
72 H
Bronze on composite base.

The backstory: When I sculpted the The Simpsons' co-creator, James L. Brooks for the Emmys Hall of Fame (Jim has won more Emmys than anyone, and just a few Oscars) we decided to put a small Homer in the corner, eating a donut. Knowing that nearly the whole world knows exactly what Homer looks like -- way more than know the nuances of Jim Brooks' face -- I knew that I had to really nail Homer's likeness. So, for practice, I roughed out a whole Homer head in clay.

After sculpting Jim's Emmys Hall of Fame bust, I asked if anyone would be interested in casting the bust of Homer. It would be so much fun to honor Homer. As Karma would have it, The Simpsons were coming up on their 500th episode milestone. The Simpsons team thought that an Emmys Hall of Fame style bust of Homer on the Fox lot would be well-deserved and great fun.

The rest is history.

500th Simpsons episode party homer bust

James L. Brooks, Matt Groening and others with Homer at unveiling ceremony at the Fox lot.
Free donuts for the entire lot in celebration of their 500th episode.

Homer Bust unveiling with Jim Brooks reaction
The unveiling moment. Homer sits atop an Emmys Hall of Fame pedestal, with an Emmys HoF replica name plaque.

Trivia: Cartoon characters can't win Emmys
Homer bust al jean jim brooks matt groening
donut bitten by simpsons matt groening

I asked Matt Groening (Homer's creator) to take a bite out of a Kwiki-Mart type donut and ship it to me. It was perfect.
I cast one in bronze for Homer and another in polished stainless steel for Matt.

matt groening with homer simpson bust
simpsons creators at fox 500th celebration

The Simpsons gang including Al Jean, Matt Groening, Jim Brooks and more.

matt groening with cast donut at simpsons party hollywood roosevelt

Matt Groening with his stainless steel donut bling.
The Simpsons 500th episode party.
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

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A 3 inch (?) bronze medallion I made. I've always loved ancient coins and medallions. I couldn't help myself.

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Fox film crew came to visit the studio. Filming some sculpting.

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Here is a video produced by Fox for the run up to the 500th episode. It features Matt Groening (who discussed the donut-biting request :) ), Jim Brook and Al Jean. Some shots of Richard Becker sculpting and taking Homer through the bronze processes.

This is a fun video we made. Of the making.