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In Progress

Ron Howard

General Robert Cardenas

.......and several studio works

Some Previous Commissions

Portrait Dr. Peter Farrell, ResMed Inc., San Diego, CA (2013)

Portrait of Kira W., Private Commission (2013)

Portrait of Stewie Griffin and Seth MacFarlane
, Fox Studios, Los Angeles, CA (2012)

Vivian Vance, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmys Hall of Fame, Hollywood, CA (2012)

Homer Simpson Monument, Fox Studios Headquarters, Los Angeles, CA (2012)

Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard and Vyomesh Joshi, Hewlett Packard Corporation (2012)

Mary Tyler Moore, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmys Hall of Fame, Hollywood, CA (2011)

Portraits of James L. Brooks
and Charles Cappleman, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Emmys Hall of Fame, Hollywood, CA (2010)

Good Samaritan Foundation
, Dayton, OH (2010)

WWII POW Monument
, Miramar US National Cemetery, San Diego, CA (2008/9)

Laguna Hills Civic Center Sculpture, City of Laguna Hills, CA (2008)

Mayor Tom Bradley Lifetime Achievement Award
, World Impact, Los Angeles, CA (2008)

Morgan Square, Heroic Bust of Hon. Kile Morgan, National City, CA (2008)

Private Commission (daughters), Rancho Santa Fe, CA (2007)

Firefighter Monument, NCFD Headquarters, City of National City, CA (2007)

Pioneer Monument, City of Poway, CA (2006)

Mountain Lions, Lake Poway, CA (2006)

Bust of Frank Burger, Cmdr. American Ex-POWs, San Diego Veterans Administration Bldg (2005)

Portrait of Captain Matt Bancroft, USMC
, Bancroft Foundation (2002)

Portrait of I. Fonts, Barcelona, Spain (1997)


Richard Becker Sculpture, NSS. San Diego, California. © Richard Becker Studio LLC.