covid coronavirus monument to frontline workers front sculpture

Covid Healing Garden and Monument Monument to Frontline Workers
Concept Renders

Seeking Patron
Perhaps for NY, Spain, Italy and other locations particulary affected
Size and scale TBD

In my lockdown I have been exploring ideas to help those affected by the pandemic -- in some way. I believe in the healing power of art and the power of honoring selfless sacrifices, contributions and history.

A healing sculpture garden or a simple monument that pays tribute to those who fell, and to those who sacrificed in many other ways during this global Coronavirus pandemic: Frontline workers, family members, scientists, business owners, policy makers, retail and delivery workers, students and others who fought by staying home. And of course, those who will be critical to our post-pandemic future.

Perhaps other sculptures and a wall of names with benches, etc.

Notes on the Concept Symbolism:

A classic, strong female lifts the globe as the virus breaks away with shards at her feet.

This is a global effort. We are all in this together.

A special thank you to the other artists and art lovers who have provided valuable feedback and suggestions

Contact me if you have any questions or thoughts.





covid coronavirus monument bronze side view




covid coronavirus monument bronze looking up

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