New Sculpture Concept Drawings and Thoughts

Leland Junior's 150th Birthday will be May 14, 2018

Born: May 14, 1868, Sacramento, California
Died: March 13, 1884 (aged 15), Florence, Italy
Known for: Namesake of Stanford University

For a while I have been evolving the idea of a bright, human, contemporary sculpture of Leland Stanford Junior. The loss of a dear only-child was turned into one of the greatest gifts to the world. Stanford University celebrates 125 years in October 2016. Leland Junior's 150th birthday will be May 14, 2018. This sculpture would be something amazing that reminds us all of this generous gift to humanity and how the turning of a family's tragedy became something so enlightened, so powerful, so world-changing.

Perhaps a large stainless steel work with a bright readable finish like The Tot or Cardenas. Maybe/probably with large, polished stainless convex surfaces -- mirrors that bring the viewer into the work and reflect that all that surrounds them is because of this little boy's life and his parents' love.


Richard Becker, NSS
Stanford MS '88


Brig. General Robert L Cardenas Bust Balboa Park San Diego

LeleandStanfordJrMirrorConcept1000IMG0126Large mirrored with floating face of Leland.

Maybe some tree roots growing from the base. Brig. General Robert L Cardenas Bust Balboa Park San Diego

Other Commission examples HERE


Our Darling Boy

from Mike Attie

A short documentary about the life and death Leland Stanford Jr by Mike Attie and Melanie Levy. Accompanied Darren Waterson's installation "Splendid Grief" at the Stanford University Cantor Center in the spring and summer of 2009.


Leland Jr Wikipedia

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